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1. Administrator – Szymon Frieske, Paweł Frieske sp.j., ul. Naramowicka 266D, 61-601 Poznań, NIP: 9721292724, REGON: 380861727,  entered into the Central Register and Information on Business Activity.

2. Cookies – IT data, small text files, stored and stored on the devices through which the User uses the Administrator's website.

3. Device – An electronic device through which the user accesses the Administrator's web site.

4. The user – means an entity for which, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, the law may be provided by electronic means or with which the Service Agreement may be concluded electronically.




1. The administrator uses the Cookies web site. 

2. Cookies are used for the purpose of optimizing your website performance, as well as for statistical and advertising purposes.


3. Cookies record the activity of the Website user by recognizing the device so that the web page is displayed in an optimized way to the user's individual preferences. 

4. The solutions available on the website are safe for Users who use the Administrator's website. It is not possible to penetrate dangerous or malicious users.

5. The administrator uses two types of Cookies:
a) Session Cookies: These are files that are stored on the User's device and remain there until the end of the session of the browser. The stored information is permanently deleted from the device memory. The Session Cookies mechanism does not allow you to download any personal or confidential information from your device.
b) Persistent cookies: They are stored on your device and remain there until they are deleted. Ending a browser session or shutting down a device does not remove it from the device. Fixed cookies do not allow you to download any personal or confidential information from your device.




1. You have the ability to restrict or disable cookies for your device. If you use this option, you will be able to use the Service, in addition to features that, by its nature, require cookies.

2. You may yourself change your Cookies settings at any time, specifying the terms of storage and access by your Cookies to your device. Changes to the settings mentioned above, the user can make using the settings of the web browser or through the configuration of the service. These settings may be changed in particular to block automatic handling of Cookies in your web browser settings or to notify each time Cookies are placed on your device. For details on how to use and manage cookies, see the software settings (web browser).

3. You may delete Cookies at any time by using the features available in the web browser it uses.

4. Restricting the use of Cookies may affect some of the functionality available on the Administrator's website.





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