To ensure the highest quality both in terms of the clothes offered and the imprints made, we have introduced a dedicated quality policy, the aim of which is to provide customers with the maximum satisfaction, comfort and durability of the products we sell.

Our high quality is not supported by long descriptions of how we care for it, but the fact of satisfaction not tens or hundreds of people, but tens of thousands. This is due to the fact that the production process is right, as well as product control in all stages. In contrast to competing companies, we focus on every detail regarding the goods, which the customer receives from us, so that he will be satisfied for many years.


We rely on the products of foreign clothing brands, which have been in the market for a dozen or so years and have confirmed their position. We rely only on clothing sewn from high quality materials (mostly cotton), as well as having a simple stitching and even seams. The clothes we offer are soft and pleasant to the touch. Our products, even after repeated washing, retain their original form without causing any stretching or other deformation. 



The print made in our company is in DTG direct print technology, which offers photographic quality of prints, lack of stiffness (paint dyes the structure of the fabric), as well as the lack of any contours or borders.

Thanks to the use of the highest quality paints (imported from abroad) we offer very intense color imprints (original color profile for printing machines), little palpable under the finger, and above all very durable. When applying the appropriate washing rules, we provide a long-term guarantee of the durability of the print. Our printing machine park counts the largest number of devices in the country, which puts us in the position of a leader.


Our quality is confirmed by received awards and certificates



See the video of the production process of T-shirts printed in our company:

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